Here's all of the products that we offer...which are just tees at the moment! If tees are not your thing, then please check back later for stickers, pop sockets and other cool stuff!

Scary Monster Here

A young women making a scary pose by raising her hands up as if she has claws and opening her mouth to look scary. She's wearing a black shirt that says 'Scary Monster Here'

A last-minute costume for those who do not want to dress up as a character from Squid Game (like every one else) and for those who want to go minimalistic this Halloween.

$16 - Buy on Amazon

Home Owner Est. 2021

A young woman wearing flashy shades and a tee that says 'Home Owner Est. 2021' on it.

If you bought a house this year, then congratulations! Now it's time to celebrate with a snazzy shirt or perhaps you know someone who has bought a house this year?

$16 - Buy on Amazon

I Work Hard

A sophisticated-looking woman sitting on a nice recliner with coffee in one hand. She's wearing a tee that says 'I work hard so I can put food on the table for my cats.'

Cats are great which is why it's important to work hard for them. This shirt features the slogan "I work Hard - So I can put food on the table for my cats."

$16 - Buy on Amazon

Champa Bay #1

A smiling man sitting on top of the tailgate for his pickup truck with his wrist and hand draped over a football. He's wearing a tee that says 'Champa Bay Florida' on it.

If you love Champa sports, or if you want to keep celebrating last year's phenomenal sports season that the Tampa Bay had, then this shirt is for you!

$15 - Buy on Amazon

Champa Bay #2

A cute girl standing outside peaking through her shads with a white tee that says 'Champa Bay Florida' on it with a pictogram of: a bat, football, and a hockey puck.

Here's another Champa Bay tee that you can add to your collection. You can show off your appreciation for all Tampa Bay sports that did really well...and so-so in 2020 like the Rays...

$15 - Buy on Amazon

Brood X 2021

Dark haired young lady wearing a black Tee with a colorful graphic of a Cicada and the text Brood X 2021 on it in bold font.

So what if Brood X is almost over? That doesn't mean you can't celebrate it all year long and even in 2022 on throwback thursday!

$16 - Buy on Amazon


Projekt Schuele (Pronounced Proj-Ject-Shoe-Lee) .com is a merchandise company located in St.Petersburg Fl. We are currently selling all of our products on Amazon and Red Bubble.

If you have any questions about any of our products then please free to e-mail support(at)projektschuele.com.