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Log4Shell Ruined My Week Month

    Tee Men's Women's Log4shell Log4j Information security Funny
A young man with a bushy beard looking sad and is wearing a black shirt that says 'Log4Shell Ruined my Week Month' with Week crossed out.

This tee is for someone who works in I.T.-related professions, such as Information Security, System Administration, Web and Application Development, and has had first-hand experience with the Log4Shell exploit. The wearer of this tee can wear it proudly to their office, rather they successfully patched all of their Java-based applications and systems or are still banging their heads against the wall because of this exploit. It is also for that Cyber Security or computer enthusiast who likes demonstrate their knowledge in cyber security vulnerabilities and hacking-related news.

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I Survived Log4Shell 2021

    Tee Men's Women's Log4shell Log4j Information security Funny
A young man wearing a black shirt that has url on it which essentially says I survived log for shell 2021 on it. The url is inside of a dollar sign and curly braces so it looks like an actual log4shell exploit string and the 2021 part of the design looks like a port number.

This is the perfect gift for IT admins, software engineers, sys admins, cyber security professionals, application support specialists, and other information technology professionals who worked hard in patching their applications during this holiday season. It features a clever message about the exploit and is legible because of the font used in the design. If you want to remind yourself or someone about the Log4J 2 aka Log4Shell exploit rather it's for Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanzaa, or a birthday, then this tee is for you!

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Log4Shell is going to revolutinize the internet!

    Tee Men's Women's Log4shell Log4j Information security Funny
A young woman wearing shades and with a black t-shirt on that says 'Log4Shell is going to revolutinize the internet!- Said noone ever'

Are you an InfoSec professional dealing with the Log4J exploit? or are you a software engineer or another type of information technology professional responsible for Java-based applications and systems? Or maybe you're a technical person who enjoys reading about cyber security and hacking news? If you or someone you know fits into these categories then this funny and sarcastic tee is the perfect way to show people how you feel about the Log4J vulnerability that was presented in CVE-2021-44228!

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My Superpower Is Typing Things Into...

    Tee Men's Women's Teaching Funny Sarcastic Geeky
Excited young man with a shirt that says 'my super power is typing things into search engines and clicking on links'. He's siting in a recliner with a video game control in one hand as if he just scored while playing video games.

This shirt reads "My Superpower is typing things into search engines and clicking on links". This is perfect for someone who is the "computer person" in their family.

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Come for the Turkey Stay for the Football

    Tee Men's Women's Kid's Football Turkey Thanksgiving
A standing man wearing a brown shit outside that says 'Come for the turkey insert football graphic stay for the football'.

If you like the idea of eating turkey and watching football this Thanksgiving then this shirt is for you. It also applies to those who like to take naps.

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I'm Here for the Sides

    Tee Men's Women's Kid's Thanksgiving Foodie Funny
Young man wearing a dark colored shit that says 'I'm Here for the sides'. The shirt has colorful icons of a gravy boat, slice of pie, a corn husk, and a sauce pan with food in it.

Check this funny t-shirt out. It is colorful and is perfect for those who prefer sides instead of Turkey during Thankskgiving. It's also very stylish!

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