I Survived Log4Shell 2021

    Tee Men's Women's Log4shell Log4j Information security Funny
A young man wearing a black shirt that has url on it which essentially says I survived log for shell 2021 on it. The url is inside of a dollar sign and curly braces so it looks like an actual log4shell exploit string and the 2021 part of the design looks like a port number.

This is the perfect gift for IT admins, software engineers, sys admins, cyber security professionals, application support specialists, and other information technology professionals who worked hard in patching their applications during this holiday season. It features a clever message about the exploit and is legible because of the font used in the design. If you want to remind yourself or someone about the Log4J 2 aka Log4Shell exploit rather it's for Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanzaa, or a birthday, then this tee is for you!

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